Sunday, July 5, 2009

Partial approach

MARATHI FIGHT AGAINST THE ENTRANTS FROM BIHAR & UP - It has been always very difficult for a Marathi man to live his life peacefully in the city of dreams - Mumbai. They have never got the privilage to make use of their basic rights and facilities in the city due to ever rising population from parts of country like UP & Bihar.
The taxes are paid by them, they are the localites, its their home but, are striving to get entry into their own local train because of the unwanted rush. We are not against the people coming from these parts. But, if, we do not get our share of seat or place to stand then, what is use of we sharing our hard earned money through taxes.
Generally, the outsiders manage to stay in slums of city, where they are not made to taxes. The land is illegal, the electricity is stolen, and they stay in group of almost 10 people.

I always think of this issue and wonder why should we not make Maharashtra a differnt country.
Its a wicked thought but, beneficial for the rights of local people.
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