Sunday, February 21, 2010

Chak De India!

India is hosting the Hockey World Cup. Its from 28Feb, 2010 - 13th March 2010.
Be a fan of Indian team. I wish that the sports bar screen these matches. It will be a real enjoyment and promotion of the game.
The difference in treatment given to players for winning the T20 World Cup and 7th Hockey Asian Cup proves that we are distancing ourselves from our national game. Where cricketers are treated as heroes, hockey players do not even get their due credit.
Indian cricket team received Rs 2 crores as a tournament prize after winning the T20 World Cup. BCCI, the governing body of Indian cricket announced Rs 8 crores for winning the final. BCCI even gave away Rs 4 crores for reaching the final and Rs 1 crore for Yuvraj Singh alone. Players received cash awards up to Rs. 21 lakhs from the state governments to which they belong. Funniest! Uthappa received Rs. 3 lakh from government of Kerala, just for the reason that his mother is from Kerala. Players received apartments worth Rs.25 lakhs from Sahara. A new award, ’Jharkhand Ratna’ honour was introduced for the first time and presented to Dhoni for making the state proud.News channels ran special news bulletin, editions and highlights throughout the night. Special news editions, cover stories and posters were covered in almost all the newspapers for the next two days. There was heroes’ welcome for the team on their arrival in Mumbai. They were graciously received from the airport and given a gala welcome by the Maharashtra Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh, Deputy CM R R Patil and their Cabinet colleagues. There was 30 km long victory procession organized that lasted over five hours. I think even the erstwhile kings of the country might have envied this Maharaja’s treatment.
And what was the reward of winning Asia Cup team?
Individual greeting message was sent by our Honorable President. For the news channels and papers, it was just a sports news item and featured in the sports section. No special mention in electronic media or print media about the team or players. IHF had announced an incentive for the team where they would receive Rs 1000 for every goal scored and lose Rs 2000 for every goal conceded. What a lucrative incentive! The state governments did not even send a congratulatory note to the respective players of the state; forget about the honour and prize.

The promise that Indian hockey players have shown recently reflects that the revival of hockey in India is not a dream. It is going to be a reality. I surely hope so!


Just Another Bomb Blast

Towns & cities in India are regularly hit by blasts. Authorities blame groups ranging from Islamic insurgents in Kashmir to separatist group troubled in Northeast. Sick of those regular findings.
WHO's responsible??
WHAT is High Alert?? Alert for how many days?
Delhi - 25 dead, injured over 100
Ahmedabad - 21 blasts, 55 killed, over 100 injured.
Jaipur - 7 blasts , 60 killed
Hyderabad - 3 blasts, 40 killed
Malegoan - 30 dead
Varanasi - 20 killed
Mumbai - so many of them.

Since 1993 we are facing the blasts.

Since then, its just another blast.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine Day

Yesterday was the 29th Valentine day of my life. Its different that came to know the existence of such day only when I was in my first year of Engineering.
Well, I had wonderful yest'rd'y. It was Sunday and we(wife & me) woke up at 5:45am. Plan was to visit the Karnala Bird Sanctuary that day.
Enjoying the early winds we reached the bird San.. by 6:45. Believe me it was such a pleasant experience.
My friends accompanied me. Infact, one of friend and his wife had reached from Chembur.
The bird sac... has too many of those birds.
We saw he green pigeon, the Kotwal, Black Wood pecker, Asian Paradise, and Haldya(marahi name). Its a yellow bird.
It was a very special Valentine for all us there.

Friday, February 12, 2010

My Name is Khan Tax Advantage Fund

Invest in Maharashtra governments new fund' MyName is Khan Tax Advantage Fund'. Tax rebate under all Sections 80C, 80D, 90F, 50G, 90K upto Rs 1cr can be availed.

This fund is especially projected to cover all the films of SRK and team by Maharashtra Government.

This realistic decision was taken last evening when our elected government actually calculated the expenses it has done for screening SRK starrer film MNIK. The government had a tough task of deciding the name of this fund.
Under this scheme all fans and not the fans can invest and help governament to raise funds for protecting the films of SRK.

Don't miss this opportunity. The offer opens till the SRK apologizes to B___T.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


SRK - in his recent interview said that''whatever he is today is b'coz of Mumbai". I am wondering how is media so happy yet by this statement. I hope you understand what I wish to say. Now, u all guys are grown up.
But, what is more depressing is that when Maharashtra government is so strongly supporting a SRK film, he government is also ready to rope in miliary for the film. We should appreciate the governments integrity.
But, SRK has decided to have the premier of his film My name is.... in Abu Dhabi.
This raises lot many questions -
1. Is SRK not convinced with governments security assurance afer he saw the complete vandalism OR
2. Is the team scared of any regional party challenges. OR
3. Does he have more fans in Islamic countries.

We all are not aware on this. Am a fan of SRK but his stand on releasing the movie in Abu Dhabi has upset me. When his countrymen are ready to die for him and the Maharashtra goverment ready to give the finest security, he could have released the film in Delhi, Patna, Lucknow or say any part of India but why out of the country.
Please someone make me understand this biased stand of SRK.


Saturday, February 6, 2010


The last day's incidence has shattered the democracy.

Mr Rahul Gandhi was moving in and around Mumbai with highly protective shield. If, this is tha case, then, where is the democracy? The person cannot roam in his own country without protection that too a person from the great Gandhi family. This is shocking. How can a person now be assured that the democracy is high. The Shiv Sena activists were restricted of showing there annoyance against Mr Rahul Gandhi.Although they had made it clear that we will only protest by showing black flags. Why should the police or government talk about vandalism or creating mess when anyone in this country is not free to express his opinion.
It is something that a person should not protest or argue or put his opinion. He should just follow what the Gandhi's command. Are the Gandhi's stronger than the country currently .None of the regional political party in this country is free to protest or express their opinions.

Jai ho Gandhi, but, people have lost hopes in the democracy of this country.

Rahul - the crafted hero

Dear friends,

Rahulji Gandhiji( as interpretted by all Congressmen) the most pampered boy of India has atlast succeeeded in showing his power(with the help of 22,500 policemen out of the 25000 police strength and the whole of cabinet at his service) that he can easily move around in Mumbai.
But, Mumbaikars felt very bad that Rahulji Gandhiji(a MP of Lok Sabha-who has a privilege of free train travel) had to take the ticket first. I was just guessing that had his partymen forgot to takecare of the Mama's boy or was it a SHOW BUSINESS. (Pls confirm - if anyone has an idea about this).
Over on above the Mama's boy also had to use the ATM for cash. ( Mr Krupashakarsingh - who was the caretaker - when interviewed commented that Rahulji Gandhiji was out of cash). Now this was 101% funny remark.
I was just guessing that even if we agree that he was out of cash but then, none of the partymen had cash to be ' borrowed ' from OR all cash was flushed out in Swiss banks.

However, we should appreciate that he travelled by a local train. So what if he was in tight security.
The state has very strongly sent a message that Mumbai police is capable of taking on any BIG security challenges. But, I wonder what happens to their skills when filmstars or malls and theaters are threatned of an attack. Because, during this period if, any theatre is ransacked or damaged the state government just gives hope that necessary actions would be taken(after the attacks and damages are done)

Should it be considered that Rahulji Gandhiji must have anticipated the biased professionalism of the government and hence must have hired these policemen for one day. After all - Prevention is better than cure.