Tuesday, February 9, 2010


SRK - in his recent interview said that''whatever he is today is b'coz of Mumbai". I am wondering how is media so happy yet by this statement. I hope you understand what I wish to say. Now, u all guys are grown up.
But, what is more depressing is that when Maharashtra government is so strongly supporting a SRK film, he government is also ready to rope in miliary for the film. We should appreciate the governments integrity.
But, SRK has decided to have the premier of his film My name is.... in Abu Dhabi.
This raises lot many questions -
1. Is SRK not convinced with governments security assurance afer he saw the complete vandalism OR
2. Is the team scared of any regional party challenges. OR
3. Does he have more fans in Islamic countries.

We all are not aware on this. Am a fan of SRK but his stand on releasing the movie in Abu Dhabi has upset me. When his countrymen are ready to die for him and the Maharashtra goverment ready to give the finest security, he could have released the film in Delhi, Patna, Lucknow or say any part of India but why out of the country.
Please someone make me understand this biased stand of SRK.


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  1. he is fucked up star ....plz don try n understand him
    he know busineesss only ...he ws sure that his film dont wrok on Box office....n dats a reason he created controvery b4 movie release...
    if u really hav dignity plz watch aal d movies of Aamir Khan ...u wil get a feeling of respect ...n lessons of living life