Friday, February 12, 2010

My Name is Khan Tax Advantage Fund

Invest in Maharashtra governments new fund' MyName is Khan Tax Advantage Fund'. Tax rebate under all Sections 80C, 80D, 90F, 50G, 90K upto Rs 1cr can be availed.

This fund is especially projected to cover all the films of SRK and team by Maharashtra Government.

This realistic decision was taken last evening when our elected government actually calculated the expenses it has done for screening SRK starrer film MNIK. The government had a tough task of deciding the name of this fund.
Under this scheme all fans and not the fans can invest and help governament to raise funds for protecting the films of SRK.

Don't miss this opportunity. The offer opens till the SRK apologizes to B___T.


  1. Very wel said... This fund is marketed & published by many of the news channels.

    Last night while exploring the channels i had noticed that many of the channels were talking about only MNIK MNIK & MNIK... nothing else. That too delcaring it as a HUGE HIT, MUST WATCH, SRK HIT SENA FLOP, SRK RULES...Etc etc....

    I watched the movie & believe me it's an average movie; definately not a MUST WATCH..(3 Idiots was much better...).

    This clearly indicates that the MEDIA is biased & it is a SRK lobby who's promoting this movie.

    Talking about KHAN Vs SENA, how can a success of a movie (not for me... as per our biased MEDIA) become a failure of SENA???

    SENA activists tried their best to oppose the release of movie. In fact even after detaining approx. 2000 SENA activists on the eve of Thursday, many Theatre oweners were refusing the screening of MNIK claiming that they do not have faith on Govt. Security. & the MNIK release was supposed to get postponed. (This was also telecasted by MEDIA on Thursday evening). I would say it was a victory for SENA, not KHAN.

    However i do not understand why SRK is favouring Pakistanis so much now adays? If he really wanted to take any pakistani player, he should have done that at the time of AUCTION only. Talking about it before the release of his movie was clearly a PUBLICITY STUNT which unfortunitely he got with the help of our biased MEADIA.

    Nway i really hope SRK (Mr KHAN..not a TERRORIST) will make the movies with the same rate (i.e 1 / year) so taht our MEDIA will get chance to talk / telecast about some major & important issues.