Saturday, February 6, 2010

Rahul - the crafted hero

Dear friends,

Rahulji Gandhiji( as interpretted by all Congressmen) the most pampered boy of India has atlast succeeeded in showing his power(with the help of 22,500 policemen out of the 25000 police strength and the whole of cabinet at his service) that he can easily move around in Mumbai.
But, Mumbaikars felt very bad that Rahulji Gandhiji(a MP of Lok Sabha-who has a privilege of free train travel) had to take the ticket first. I was just guessing that had his partymen forgot to takecare of the Mama's boy or was it a SHOW BUSINESS. (Pls confirm - if anyone has an idea about this).
Over on above the Mama's boy also had to use the ATM for cash. ( Mr Krupashakarsingh - who was the caretaker - when interviewed commented that Rahulji Gandhiji was out of cash). Now this was 101% funny remark.
I was just guessing that even if we agree that he was out of cash but then, none of the partymen had cash to be ' borrowed ' from OR all cash was flushed out in Swiss banks.

However, we should appreciate that he travelled by a local train. So what if he was in tight security.
The state has very strongly sent a message that Mumbai police is capable of taking on any BIG security challenges. But, I wonder what happens to their skills when filmstars or malls and theaters are threatned of an attack. Because, during this period if, any theatre is ransacked or damaged the state government just gives hope that necessary actions would be taken(after the attacks and damages are done)

Should it be considered that Rahulji Gandhiji must have anticipated the biased professionalism of the government and hence must have hired these policemen for one day. After all - Prevention is better than cure.

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