Saturday, February 6, 2010


The last day's incidence has shattered the democracy.

Mr Rahul Gandhi was moving in and around Mumbai with highly protective shield. If, this is tha case, then, where is the democracy? The person cannot roam in his own country without protection that too a person from the great Gandhi family. This is shocking. How can a person now be assured that the democracy is high. The Shiv Sena activists were restricted of showing there annoyance against Mr Rahul Gandhi.Although they had made it clear that we will only protest by showing black flags. Why should the police or government talk about vandalism or creating mess when anyone in this country is not free to express his opinion.
It is something that a person should not protest or argue or put his opinion. He should just follow what the Gandhi's command. Are the Gandhi's stronger than the country currently .None of the regional political party in this country is free to protest or express their opinions.

Jai ho Gandhi, but, people have lost hopes in the democracy of this country.

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  1. I think it is a non issue which has been given importance by Shiv Sena itself.